Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The End

Pork and I have something in common now. It's that neither of us are special anymore. Having incorporated the forbidden brute into my diet so regularly, it's flesh no longer invokes the same criminal feeling it once did. And as a result, nothing I can say about it now will be as interesting as my first Adventures. I guess haraam has become routine.

Things are a bit different now. I've left my beloved Philadelphia for New York, and now I sit in my bed, in a basement apartment on the upper west side, surrounded, in varying proximity, by some of the most awesome prepared pork foods in the world, from every one of its corners. Thus far, I've eaten lots of it, and written about none of it.

Maybe it's because, when I look at it from your perspective, the novelty has worn off. Eating pork is no longer an emotional experience, undoing my conditioning and shocking me with every bite. I'm not "seeing if I like it" anymore. I've tried a lot, decided what's good and bad, and chosen my favorite things. I might snack on them from time to time in the future (right now I'm thinking about the pepper crusted salame in the fridge), but there is no longer a point in my writing about them. I'll start back up when I find something new to obsess over

Thank you for reading.



  1. nice! glad to see you're reviving the blog!

  2. I would ask Allah to guide you. But you being a flagrant self hating pseudo Muslim, I can only ask that He protect Muslims from your viscerally obvious internal emptiness and ugliness and teach you a dear lesson for your utterly vile inferiority complex to the white man that makes you think youraelf something special to do so.
    You are a white to the anti Muslim liberal establishment of bigots lead by people like Bill Maher. You are the most pathetic kind of clinging but of subhumanity there can ever be.

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